Indiana University Bloomington


The Language and Cognition Lab (LaCL) is an experimental linguistics lab directed by Professor Charles Lin at Indiana University. LaCL conducts research on the cognitive aspects of language, focusing on sentence and discourse processing, lexical access, phonological awareness, speech perception, and language acquisition. We are also interested in the interrelation between language and other cognitive capacities such as mathematics, space, and music.



  • Happy holidays!
  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  • Lab meetings will be held on each Friday in Fall 2019.
  • Prof Lin will be teaching EALC-E350/505 and EACL-C421/520 in Spring 2020. Please come join us!
  • We have started collecting data for the Mandarin tone sandhi project! Please contact Chien-Han if you'd like to learn more abou it!
  • Prof Lin is teaching EALC-E600 Chineses Sentence Processing in Fall 2019. Please come join us!
  • We set up a new E-Prime 3 subject station in our lab!
  • We are done collecting data for the Korea perceptual epenthesis project! Thank you, participants!
  • We are recruiting Korean participants for Prof. Darcy and Prof. Lin's EEG project. Please contact Chien-Han if you are interested in participating in the experiment.